Founded in 1942, Plays for Living (PFL), is a not-for-profit organization, that uses interactive drama and theater techniques to help people at all levels of society explore and confront sensitive contemporary issues. PFL’s live dramas and facilitated dialogues allow people to ask and discuss developmental questions about the challenging life situations that impact them. Our mission is to use drama as a tool for positive social change.

Since its founding, PFL has brought together theater professionals and experts on various social issues to develop and produce its original plays about critical family, community and work-related issues. Today’s body of work includes plays about diversity and conflict in the workplace, sexual harassment, corporate ethics, domestic violence, date rape, the 9/11 tragedy, military veterans and their families, discrimination and violence in schools, gender and sexual preferences, safety for older adults, caring for aging relatives, conflict resolution and more.

At the heart of the organization is a repertoire of original plays, scenarios and workshops that are written and performed by professional playwrights and actors.

Minimally set and propped, the plays are written to be performed virtually anywhere. Schools and universities, corporations, professional associations, civic and community-based organizations, hospitals and government agencies use the PFL programs as valuable aids in communication, training and education.

Since our inception more than a million people have experienced our dramas.